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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

10:00am 11:00am
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TCS+ Talk

Strongly log concave polynomials, high dimensional simplicial complexes, and an FPRAS for counting Bases of Matroids
Shayan Oveis Gharan, University of Washington,
3:00pm 4:00pm
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KNI Distinguished Seminar

New Opportunities with Old Optical Materials
Marko LonĨar, Tiantsai Lin Professor of Electrical Engineering, John A Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University,
4:00pm 5:00pm
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Astronomy Colloquium

Gravitationally Lensed Supernovae
Ariel Goobar, Stockholm University,
4:00pm 5:00pm
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4:00pm 5:00pm
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Beckman Lecture

New Polymers from Old Monomers: Advances Enabled through Catalyst Discovery
Geoffrey W. Coates, Tisch University Professor, Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology, Cornell University,
4:00pm 5:30pm
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4:00pm 5:00pm
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EE Distinguished Speaker: Dr. Thomas Kailath

On the process of making breakthroughs in engineering
Thomas Kailath, Hitachi America Professor of Engineering, Emeritus, Department of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University,
4:00pm 5:00pm
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Environmental Science and Engineering Seminar

Trends in Earth System Modeling and Emerging Data Science Opportunities
Christiane Jablonowski, University of Michigan,
4:00pm 5:00pm
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Literary Dimensions Seminar

Thomas Jefferson's Networks of Knowledge
Barbara Oberg, Senior Research Scholar, Department of History, Princeton University,
4:00pm 5:00pm
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Materials Science Research Lecture

Smart Materials from Programmable Polymers
Grigory Tikhomirov, Senior Postdoctoral Scholar in Biology & Biological Engineering, Caltech,
4:00pm 5:00pm
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Special Bioengineering Seminar

"Why the world is simple"
A. A. (Ard) Louis, Professor, Rudolph Peierls Center for Theoretical Physics, Oxford University,
4:00pm 5:00pm
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Ulric B. and Evelyn L. Bray Social Sciences Seminar

Collective Hold-Up
Santiago Oliveros, Professor of Economics, University of Essex,