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No member of the Caltech community shall take unfair advantage of any other member of the Caltech community.

Caltech Honor Code

Caltech students study around the globe in cities including Cambridge, London, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Paris, and Melbourne.

Students are fully immersed in Caltech's robust research enterprise. On campus, abroad, at JPL, or at an off-site observatory, 90% of undergraduates participate in research during their time at Caltech.

Caltech students regularly engage with K-12 students, sharing their passion for and perspective on the opportunities across science, engineering, and technology fields.

Caltech is home to scholars and researchers from around the world. The International Office helps students prepare, adjust, and enjoy life in the United States.

Eighteen Division III varsity teams, plus a broad offering of club and intramural sports and other informal recreational activities, draw participation from 80% of the student body.

Personal advising and support are provided to undergraduate and graduate students interested in applying for employment, internships, and fellowship programs throughout the world.