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Institutional Learning Outcomes

The Institute aims for these educational outcomes: 

  • Graduates can analyze, synthesize, and communicate ideas. 
  • Graduates demonstrate integrity, personal and professional responsibility, and respect for others. 
  • Bachelor of Science graduates can identify, analyze, and solve challenging problems within and across science and engineering disciplines. 
  • Bachelor of Science graduates can apply their analytic skills to other areas of knowledge and understand issues important in our society. 
  • Master of Science graduates can apply advanced knowledge in a specialized area in preparation for their professional careers. 
  • Doctor of Philosophy graduates can independently identify, analyze, and solve fundamental research problems with breadth and depth. 

Resources to support everything from securing an internship, to pursuing advanced degree programs, to planning a career are provided through the Career Development Center.

Learn about best practices in instruction and learning, or get involved with the Institute's K-12 public educational outreach programs through the Center for Teaching, Learning, & Outreach.

Every summer hundreds of undergraduate students have the opportunity to conduct their own research projects under the guidance of experienced mentors working at the frontiers of their fields.