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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

11:00am 12:00pm
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PhD Thesis Seminar

"Conversation" at Polymer Ends: Self- versus Pairwise- Association of Telechelic Polymers
Boyu Li, Graduate Student, Kornfield group, Chemistry, Caltech,
12:00pm 1:00pm
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Howard & Jan Oringer Seminar

Computational Biology in Translational Cancer Research
Xiaole Shirley Liu, Professor, Biostatistics and Computational Biology, Harvard School of Public Health,
12:00pm 1:00pm
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Mathematics Graduate Student Seminar

Algebraic Theories and Duality
Ronnie Chen, Graduate Student, Mathematics, Caltech,
3:00pm 4:00pm
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Logic Seminar

An invariant set-theoretic approach to "no analytic mad families
Asger Törnquist, Mathematics, University of Copenhagen,
3:00pm 4:00pm
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PhD seminar

Bioorthogonal Noncanonical Amino Acid Tagging for Selective Analysis of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa Proteome
Brett Babin, graduate student, chemical engineering, California Institute of Technology,
4:00pm 5:00pm
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Carnegie Observatories Colloquium

Carnegie Observatories, 813 Santa Barbara St., William T. Golden Auditorium
Dr. Sagi Ben-Ami, CfA,
4:00pm 5:00pm
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Chemical Physics Seminar

Developing experiments to visualize the dynamics of biomolecular recognition and binding
Andrei Tokmakoff, Henry G. Dale Distinguished Service Professor, Department of Chemistry, James Franck Institute, and Institute for Biophysical Dynamics, University of Chicago,
4:00pm 5:00pm
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GALCIT Special Seminar

Collaboration opportunities with NASA Langley Research Center
Steven Reznick, Dr., GALCIT, NASA,
4:00pm 5:00pm
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General Biology Seminar

Processing Tastes in Drosophila
Kristin Scott, Professor of Genetics, Genomics and Development, Molecular & Cell Biology, University of California, Berkeley,
4:00pm 5:00pm
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Planetary Science Seminar

Geophysics at Pluto and Charon: A first look
Francis Nimmo, Professor, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, UC Santa Cruz,
4:00pm 5:00pm
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Thomas Wolff Memorial Lecture in Mathematics

Lecture 3: New Results on Bounded, Complete Minimal Surfaces
Peter Jones, Professor, Mathematics & Applied Math, Yale University,