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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Tuesday, November 12th, 2019
11:30am 1:00pm
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Neuro Lunch Meeting

Mark Ladinsky, EM Scientist, Biology and Biological Engineering, Caltech,
12:00pm 1:00pm
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Special Biology Seminar

"Super-Resolution Imaging of Transcription in Living Mammalian Cells"
Ibrahim Cisse, Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
3:00pm 4:00pm
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KNI Distinguished Seminar

Integrated Chi(2) Nonlinear Photonics
Hong Tang, Llewellyn West Jones, Jr. Professor of Electrical Engineering, Physics and Applied Physics, Yale University,
3:00pm 4:00pm
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Logic Seminar

Hyperfinite actions with the same invariant random subgroup
Forte Shinko, Department of Mathematics, Caltech,
4:00pm 5:00pm
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Chemical Physics Seminar

What can be learnt on gas phase chiral systems by Photoelectron Circular Dichroism ?
Laurent Nahon, Responsable Ligne De Lumière, Synchrotron Soleil, Synchrotron Soleil,
4:00pm 5:00pm
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CMI Seminar: Eliza O'Reilly

Poisson hyperplane tessellations in high dimensions and one-bit compression
Eliza O'Reilly, CMI Postdoc, Caltech,
4:00pm 5:00pm
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Dix Planetary Science Seminar

"Characterizing the Nucleus, Morphology and Activity of Interstellar Comet 2I/Borisov"
Bryce Bolin, Postdoctoral Scholar in Astronomy, IPAC, IPAC - Caltech,
4:00pm 5:00pm
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General Biology Seminar

"HIV Diversity and Vaccine Design"
Bette Korber, Theoretical Biology and Biophysics, Los Alamos National Labratory,
4:00pm 5:00pm
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High Energy Physics Seminar

Topological insulators and the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect in relativistic quantum field theory
David Kaplan, University of Washington,
4:00pm 5:00pm
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Mathematics Colloquium

Quantum topology and combinatorics of graphs on surfaces
Slava Krushkal, Department of Mathematics, University of Virginia,
4:00pm 5:00pm
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Ulric B. and Evelyn L. Bray Social Sciences Seminar

Experts and Financial Ties: Evidence from FDA Advisory Committees
Fanny Camara, Assistant Professor of Economics and Director of Research (Economics), Dornsife, College of Leters, Arts and Science, USC,
5:00pm 6:00pm
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Factorization Algebras in Quantum Field Theory Learning Seminar

Free Field Theories Revisited
Angus Gruen, Department of Mathematics, Caltech,