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Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday, September 26th, 2016
2:00pm 3:00pm
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Thesis Seminar

Alkaline salts of sodium and potassium: from C–X reduction to C–H functionalization and beyond
Anton Toutov, Graduate Student, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Caltech,
4:00pm 5:00pm
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CNS Seminar/ Cornelis Wiersma Visiting Professor Lecture

"Probing Neural Circuits with Shaped Light"
Na Ji, Group Leader, Janelia Research Campus, Janelia Research Campus, Ashburn, Virgina,
4:00pm 5:00pm
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Finance Seminar: Huseyin Gulen, Purdue University

Extrapolation Bias and the Predictability of Stock Returns by Price-Scaled Variables
Huseyin Gulen, Associate Professor of Finance, Krannert School of Management, Purdue University,
4:00pm 5:00pm
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Geological and Planetary Sciences Seminar

Recent applications of the thorium-230 stopwatch in deep-sea sediments
Jerry F. McManus, Professor, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Lamont-Doberty Earth Observatory, Columbia University,