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Media Contacts

Media Relations, part of Caltech's Office of Strategic Communications, is charged with assisting the news media by setting up interviews with Caltech researchers, faculty, and staff, providing background on research and other stories, or simply offering general facts and information about the Institute.

If you are with the media and need assistance, please contact any of the Media Relations representatives listed below.

Kathy Svitil
Director of Research Communications and Media Relations
(626) 395-8022 office
(626) 676-7628 mobile
[email protected]

Whitney Clavin
Senior Content and Media Strategist
(626) 395-1856
[email protected]

Lori Dajose
Content and Media Strategist
(626) 395-1217
[email protected]

Robert Perkins
Senior Media Relations Manager
(626) 395-1862
[email protected]

Emily Velasco
Media Relations Manager
(626) 395-6487
[email protected]

Earthquake Media Hotline (for use by media only)
(626) 449-2631

General Delivery to Media Relations
[email protected]
Fax: (626) 395-5890

Brian Mellblom / Athletics
Director of Sports Information & Marketing
(626) 395-4695 office
[email protected]