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There is concern within the Caltech community about the formal Institute recognition that memorializes Robert A. Millikan, given his involvement with eugenics through the Human Betterment Foundation. Likewise, Thomas J. Watson, Sr., Harry Chandler, Henry M. Robinson, and Albert B. Ruddock have garnered attention.

Caltech President Thomas F. Rosenbaum recently appointed a task force of trustees, alumni, faculty, students, postdoctoral scholars, and staff to advise on Caltech naming and recognition policies: present and future. He also charged the task force to provide a historical assessment of the individuals named above, including the role, if any, of changing ethical standards over time; and to advise on the impact of naming and recognition practices on Caltech's ability to be a destination of choice for a diverse community of exceptional scholars.

The question of naming and recognition practices on university campuses has engendered debate across the country. As part of its work, the task force would like to provide an opportunity for the Caltech community to contribute perspectives to committee deliberations. If you would like to submit your thoughts and opinions for the task force to consider during its work, please do so below.

Your response will be confidential and anonymous. If you would like to tell us your affiliation with Caltech, please do so within the context of your response.

Thank you.
Caltech Committee on Naming and Recognition