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High Energy Theory Seminar

Friday, October 18, 2013
11:00am to 12:00pm
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Lauritsen 469
BPS, Non-BPS and D-brane anti D-brane effective actions in type II Superstring theory with their corrections to all orders in alpha-prime
Ehsan Hatefi, ICTP, Trieste,

In this talk , I would like to introduce new techniques for  deriving all kinds of effective actions ( including DBI ,Chern-Simons and Wess-Zumino for  BPS and non-BPS branes as well as  brane anti brane systems) to  all orders of alpha-prime for  type IIA,IIB Super string theories.
Motivated by arXive:1211.2413 (appeared in JHEP), 1211.5538 (appeared in JCAP) and  based on   super string amplitudes  we also talk about a universal conjecture  (involving BPS and non-BPS strings) for all higher derivative corrections in String theory . Making use  of  the scattering of Strings ,we  point out how to look for  all orders Super Yang-Mills  couplings   in type IIB(A) super string theories. The new effective actions for D-brane and anti D-brane within new couplings  with all their corrections will be presented.
Having taken S-matrix formalism, we  highlight several important comments on Myers action , its correct form and its application in M-theory,Ads/CFT .  These new actions/couplings are neither inside Myers'terms nor within pull-back/Taylor expansions. If time permits, I  would talk about selection rules and new ideas based on my recent attempts in this research topic.  Finally we comment on some related issues.

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