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Welcome New Staff
October 11, 2012

Division of Biology

Alexander Abramyan - Grant Manager

Benjamin Deverman - Senior Research Scientist

Sripriya Ravindra Kumar - Research Technician

Alejandra Olvera  - Research Technician

Gregoire Seyrig - Research Technician

Kiichi Watanabe - Staff Scientist (Biologist)

Bin Yang - Scientific Researcher


Division of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

Whitney Barlow - Scientific Editor & Coordinator

Julianne Just - Administrative Assistant, JCAP

Youn-Geun Kim - Research Electrochemical Surface Scientist

David  Rivera - Shipping/ Receiving/Stockroom Clerk & Purchasing Assistant

Santosh  Suram - Scientific Data Processing Engineer, JCAP

Magnus To - Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Assistant Technician

Margarita Veselinov - Grant Manager/Financial Analyst


Division of Engineering & Applied Science

Fivos Drymiotis - Lab Manager

Hailiang Zhang - Computational Scientist      


Division of Physics, Math & Astronomy

Ross Williamson  - Research Scientist

Hani Zewail - Office Assistant


Development & Institute Relations

Loren Benn - Website Content Coordinator

Bridget McKay - Assistant Director, Annual Giving Programs

Bonnie Peterson - Campaign Associate



Darryl Wilson - Director of Campus Operations & Maintenance


Financial Services

Theresa Slowskei - Senior Budget & Planning Officer

Linda Zhong - Senior Cost Studies Analyst


Human Resources

Marsha Habib - International Student Programs (ISP) - General Office Assistant


Information Management Systems & Services

Bruno Ochoa - Desktop Support


Office of Technology Transfer

Mary Beth Campbell - Licensing Associate


Student Affairs

Sofia Archuleta - Dining - Coffee House Attendant & General Helper

Miya Erickson - Student Health Center - Psychology Intern

Dana Matthews - Student Health Center - Psychology Intern