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Search for University Librarian

April 04, 2018

To:  The Caltech Community
From:  David Tirrell
Date:  April 5, 2018
Subject:  Search for University Librarian

We have initiated a search for a new University Librarian to succeed Kristin Antelman, who left Caltech last month to accept a position at the University of California Santa Barbara.  Vice Provost Cindy Weinstein has agreed to lead the search.  The search committee (Margaret Anderson (undergraduate student), Caroline Charpentier (postdoctoral scholar), Peter Collopy (library), Richard Flagan (CCE), Kristine Haugen (HSS), Elizabeth Holman (graduate student), Lior Pachter (BBE), Dinakar Ramakrishnan (PMA), Peter Schroeder (EAS) and Victor Tsai (GPS)) will be seeking advice from the campus community and from colleagues at peer institutions as they define the needs of the position and identify candidates with the skills, perspectives and personal qualities required for effective leadership of our library.  The committee will be supported by Regina Colombo, assistant to the provost.

I thank the committee for taking on this important task and I encourage you to contact Cindy or other members of the committee if you wish to offer advice on the search.