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Podcaster Robin Pierson AMA: How the Eastern Roman Empire Shaped the World

July 18, 2022

Have you heard of Islam, the Crusades, Eastern Orthodoxy, or the Renaissance? Their stories are all inextricably linked to the eastern Roman Empire (aka Byzantium). Without the Byzantines fighting the Persians to the death right before Muhammad unified Arabia, for example, North Africa and the Levant might still be Christian--and Islam might lay forgotten in the obscurity of prehistory. Without Byzantine scholars moving to Italy and bringing classical manuscripts with them, the Renaissance might never have started.

Robin Pierson is doing an epic podcast series on the history of the eastern Roman Empire from 476 all the way to its collapse in 1453. So far, he's on episode 241, and he's only in the 12th century. On Sunday, we'll host Robin for a discussion. He'll briefly explain what Byzantium is and how it has changed the world. Afterwards, ask Robin questions about Byzantium, early Islamic history, podcasting, or anything else! His podcast is excellent, but you don't need to be a listener to join the discussion.

Time: Sunday, July 24, 9:30--11:00 am. First 30 minutes is international news discussion, last hour is podcaster AMA

In person: Beckman Behavioral Biology, B101. Go to the red X on the map and descend the stairs: https://imgur.com/a/5RljjQZ

On Zoom: https://caltech.zoom.us/my/sovcall

RSVP recommended: https://forms.gle/fkHJRxLF7cpMxJmq7