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Notice: Filming on Campus, September 3-7

August 23, 2019

A large television crew of about 100 people will be on campus from approximately 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. September 3 through September 7. Filming will take place at the following locations on campus:

  • Millikan Pond area
  • Parsons-Gates
  • Walkways south of Beckman Mall
  • Ramo Auditorium grounds
  • Brown Gym
  • East Bridge

As part of this filming, you may notice the following:

- A prop flag flying from the flagpole by Millikan Pond
- Prop signage in filming locations
- A school bus parked south of Beckman Mall
- Production vehicles on campus
- Presence of Pasadena Police and additional security guards

While the Office of Strategic Communications will do everything possible to minimize interruption and inconvenience, please be advised that there will be activity and noise at the filming locations and those areas may not be accessible at points during the day.

Street parking on the east side of Holliston Ave. (near Del Mar Blvd.) will be impacted as production vehicles and trucks will be stationed there. Production vehicles will also be parked in Bechtel Mall and in the alley east of Baxter.


Janna Gould
Communications Project Manager
[email protected]

Shayna Chabner
Chief Communications Officer
[email protected]