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Join CMA Today - 2019 Membership Drive

December 15, 2018

The Caltech Management Association (CMA) is conducting its FY19 membership drive. Membership is open to all Caltech campus and JPL employees (including retirees) and to all contractor (affiliate) personnel. Annual dues of $20 support the planning, organizing, and delivery of high-quality programs and events. To become a member, follow the instructions at If you have questions, contact Laurice Balian, at [email protected].

Founded over fifty years ago, CMA is a forum that brings together members from campus and JPL for programs, events, and excursions that aim to inspire interdisciplinary collaboration and partnership within the campus and JPL communities—as well as celebrate innovative thinking and leadership across areas as diverse as research and development, Hollywood, the music industry, government, professional sports, and the arts. CMA activities provide thought-provoking commentary and showcase the latest developments and innovations in a wide range of fields.

Members enjoy the following benefits:

• Access to free events and speakers addressing management, leadership, scientific, and technological issues
• Special members-only events, including tours and field trips, such as A Night of Viewing through the Mount Wilson Telescopes
• Preferred seating
• A 10% discount at the Caltech store (excluding tickets, tokens, textbooks, and film processing)

Here is a sampling of previous CMA talks:

• Celebrating 40 Years of the Voyagers' Golden Record: A Panel Discussion—Jason Bentley, Ann Druyan, Reggie Watts, Lynda Obst, David Pescovitz, and Ed Stone
• From Explorer 1 to Musical Jackets, Space Broadcasts, 3D Vinyls, and Augmented Reality—Beatie Wolfe
• News Literacy in the Post-Fact Era—Megan Garvey
• Planet Nine from Outer Space—Konstantin Batygin
• The Hidden Dimensions of Architecture and Engineering Design—Frank Gehry, Robert Manning, and Raul Polit-Casillas

Join CMA today and participate in activities that connect and enrich both Caltech campus and JPL communities!