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Dr. Hanna Song

January 06, 2021

To: The Campus Community and Caltech Alumni
From: Cindy Weinstein, Chief Diversity Officer, Vice Provost, and Eli and Edythe Broad Professor of English
Date: January 6, 2021
Re: Dr. Hanna Song

Dr. Hanna Song, who has served the Institute since 2016 as Senior Director for Inclusion & Diversity, will step down on January 20, 2021, to accept the position of Vice President and Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer at Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

As Senior Director for Inclusion & Diversity, Hanna was responsible for establishing and guiding all programmatic and policy initiatives for the Caltech Center for Inclusion & Diversity (CCID). She worked directly with students, staff, and faculty to infuse her passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion across campus and into nationwide STEM pipelines. The range of Hanna's accomplishments is impossible to capture in one message, but some of her most significant include the expansion of the Freshman Summer Research Institute, the organization of Future Ignited, and the coordination of the Institute's first campus climate survey.

Hanna has been an intrepid partner and leader in our DEI efforts, strengthening the programs that were already in place when she arrived and developing new ones during her tenure. Perhaps most importantly, her leadership of the Center for Inclusion & Diversity has woven that office, and all that it stands for, into the fabric of Caltech. It has been my honor to work with her. She will be missed.

Prior to her role at Caltech, Hanna served as Assistant Dean at Occidental College, where she was instrumental in collecting, analyzing, and presenting data to objectively influence the academic and co-curricular efforts to bolster the college's commitment to excellence and diversity. She also served as Chief Institutional Research Officer at Amherst College. She holds a doctoral degree and a master's degree in Higher Education Organizational Change from the University of California, Los Angeles; a master's degree in Policy, Organization, and Leadership Studies from Stanford; and a bachelor's degree in Sociology from the University of California, Berkeley. Alongside her professional positions, Hanna is currently a member of the Board of Directors for Boundless Brilliance and actively consults on a variety of DEI issues for various types of organizations.

We will have an opportunity as a community to celebrate Hanna's contributions to campus on January 20 (details will be shared soon in Ion Caltech and by the CCID). For the time being, please join me in thanking Hanna for all that she has done and continues to do for the Institute.