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Caltech's 2018 Code of Conduct

October 03, 2018

To: The Caltech Community
From: Thomas F. Rosenbaum, President
           Sonja and William Davidow Presidential Chair and Professor of Physics
Date: October 3, 2018
Re: Caltech's 2018 Code of Conduct

Caltech is shaped by individuals who fearlessly pursue new ideas, redefining the fundamental understanding of the world around us and leading to innovations that improve people's lives. Central to this work, and essential for continued success, is the commitment by all members of the Institute community to conducting our work and interacting with our colleagues with the highest level of integrity.

Caltech's Code of Conduct outlines these principles and is the tool we all can use to ensure that our actions are beyond reproach and comply with the law.
In this rapidly changing world, you may encounter situations where the best course of action is not obvious. The following list provides resources available to any member of the Caltech community who would like advice or counsel regarding such a situation:

  • Staff members on campus and at JPL may contact their immediate supervisors.
  • Faculty, postdoctoral scholars, researchers, students, and staff within the academic divisions may always contact their academic or research advisors, immediate faculty or staff supervisors, and higher levels of the divisional administration, up to the Division Chairs.
  • Students may contact the Dean of Undergraduate Students (626.395.6351) or the Dean of Graduate Studies (626.395.6346).
  • Any member of the Institute may direct questions regarding sexual misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator (626.395.3132) or [email protected].
  • Any member of the Institute may direct questions regarding research integrity to the campus Office of Research Compliance (626.395.2907) or the JPL Office of the Chief Scientist (818.354.3442).
  • Any member of the Institute may direct questions to Human Resources (626.395.3300), JPL's Ethics Office (818.354.6338), Audit Services and Institute Compliance (626.395.8075), or the Office of the General Counsel (626.395.3241).

When ordinary channels are not available or there is a need for confidentiality or anonymity, you may contact the campus hotline (626.395.8787, toll free 888.395.8787) or the JPL ethics line (818.354.9999 or toll free 866.405.7536). Please be aware that the Caltech Whistleblower Policy prohibits retaliation against any individual who makes a good faith disclosure of suspected wrongful conduct.

Thank you for your dedication to Caltech. I wish all of you a successful year.