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Caltech Secure Wi-Fi Project Update

May 07, 2019

The IMSS Wi-Fi project team is on track to upgrade over 70 buildings and 2 million square feet by summer 2019. With 1,200 additional access points installed so far, more than 6200 devices are connecting to our wireless networks weekly. Apple devices account for 65% of clients connected, and a normal day sees close to 5TB of data delivered. We are currently working in Broad and Beckman Institute.

As we transition buildings from Beavernet to Caltech Secure, our team works with the building manager to make sure the changes are communicated to occupants and provides onsite assistance for those who need help connecting their devices.

One big change is that we now require people using Caltech Visitor to provide their mobile number before they can connect to the wireless network. Individuals enter their U.S. mobile number with the leading digit "1" and then receive a text message with a code they can use to connect. Additional instructions for connecting to the wireless networks can be found here.

We are currently working in Broad and Beckman Institute, and will announce the next buildings once funding for FY2020 has been finalized. For project map and updates on the project schedule, please visit

To connect to the Secure network in areas where it is already active, select Secure and use your Access password. For more information, visit the Caltech Secure and Caltech Visitor information pages.

For help or more information about the project, contact the Help Desk at extension 3500, email [email protected], or visit Caltech Help at

Project Leadership: Dawn Boyd, Director of Network & Operations, Debra Anderson, Project Manager, Anthony Pisano, Network Engineer, Mike Vega, Electric Shop Lead