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Caltech art on display at "Journeys to America" summer concert

July 12, 2017

Fifteen pieces of art created by members of the Caltech community, selected from the 75 pieces displayed in Chandler during the Caltech Art Contests this year, are going to be featured as part of a large summer concert on Friday July 21 at Lake Avenue Church in Pasadena. The concert is a celebration of the immigrant community in the US, focusing specifically on European immigrants coming through Ellis Island in the early 1900s and includes performances of chamber music those immigrants would have heard on both sides of their journey (by Johannes Brahms and American immigrants George Gershwin, Curt Weill, and Irving Berlin) as well as Alan Smith's "Vignettes: Ellis Island" which is drawn from accounts of immigrants moving to New York during that time. Prominent local musicians including a violinist from the LA Phil will perform the works, and an audience of up to a thousand is expected.

The Caltech art will be featured on stage during the concert and the lobby during the post-concert reception, and also will be put on display for the remainder of the weekend before returning to Chandler on the 24th. This is the first of several off-campus displays of Caltech art coordinated by the GSC Arts Committee and Caltech Dining with the intent of building community on campus around the Arts and better integrating Caltech into the local Pasadena community. The concert is free with donations accepted, and will occur at Lake Avenue Church (393 N. Lake Ave.) with doors at 7:00 p.m for a 7:30 performance.