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Ask Julia: A Podcast for the Caltech Community

December 13, 2019

We are excited to announce a transformative podcast hosted by Julia McCallin, associate vice president of Human Resources, as a part of Human Resources' Respectful Community Campaign. The Respectful Community campaign was launched in 2018 to foster a staff community where each member with diverse perspectives is encouraged to engage in respectful and thoughtful exchanges of ideas, cultivate talent, and facilitate opportunities for improvement.

After reflections on the first year of the Respectful Community Campaign and feedback from participants and the Emerging Leaders group, this new podcast aims to bring a feeling of connection with the Institute and the Caltech community near and far. This first season will cover the importance of communication and will feature members of the Caltech community and their roles in helping shape campus culture.

Episodes will be available for listening through the Caltech Human Resources webpage and

Have a question for Julia or suggestions for future podcasts? Click here.