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CPET Teaching Seminar - Telescope to Microscope: Examining Crucial Teaching Practices Across Scales

Tuesday, March 2, 2021
10:00am to 11:00am
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Please join us at our next Caltech Project for Effective Teaching (CPET) seminar by invited speaker, Dr. Ben Wiggins.


Great teaching happens on a wide spectrum of wavelengths, and we will examine pedagogical methods at several levels of scale. We will start with long-view research findings about incorporating metacognitive and self-reflective practices into course structures. Our focus will tighten onto interpersonal teaching practices that support this complex student work. By the end of the session, our highest-power objective will be to discuss and practice a teaching micro-skill that supports the larger pedagogical structure. Participants of any familiarity with science teaching and learning are encouraged to join our group lens on a wide range of teaching strategies and are encouraged to bring problems and challenging anecdotes for discussion.


Dr. Ben Wiggins is the Instructional Manager for the Department of Biology at the University of Washington. In addition to this role supporting a wide range of courses and instructors, he teaches courses as small as a handful of graduate trainees in teaching methods and as large as an 800-person Introductory Biology course. His NSF-funded research focuses on active learning, research-based lab courses, and training instructors to take those techniques into their own (often very large) classrooms.


For more information, please contact Harrison Parker (CPET Co-Director) by email at [email protected].