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TAPIR Seminar

Friday, November 2, 2018
2:00pm to 3:00pm
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Cahill 370
How Black Holes Shape Globular Clusters
Kyle Kremer, Graduate Student, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Northwestern University,

Recent numerical simulations and observational indications have suggested that globular clusters (GCs) may contain large populations of stellar-mass black holes (BHs). This has important implications to gravitational wave astronomy, as GCs are understood to be efficient factories of merging BH-BH binaries. In this talk, I will examine ways BH populations influence the dynamical evolution and observable properties of GCs and also the discuss the dynamical formation of various types of BH binaries, including both low-mass X-ray binaries and gravitational wave sources that may be detectable by LIGO and LISA. Additionally, I will discuss the formation of accreting white dwarf binaries and their applications to LISA.

For more information, please contact JoAnn Boyd by phone at 4280 or by email at [email protected].