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TAPIR Seminar

Friday, January 6, 2023
2:00pm to 3:00pm
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Online and In-Person Event
GRMHD Simulations of Neutrino-Driven Winds From Proto Neutron Stars
Dhruv Desai, Graduate Student, Department of Physics, Columbia University,


In person: 370 Cahill -- Attendees joining in person must have a valid Caltech UID.

To Join via Zoom: 864 8902 5566

ABSTRACT: Formed in the aftermath of a core-collapse supernova or neutron star merger, hot proto-neutron stars (PNSs) launch neutrino-driven winds within milliseconds, with the winds themselves lasting for tens of seconds. The PNS wind has long been considered a potential site for the nucleosynthesis of heavy elements (Z>60) via the rapid neutron capture process (r-process). Previous work has found that such winds are not favorable for r-process element production. I will present results of general relativistic magnetohydrodynamic simulations of the PNS wind with weak interactions, advanced microphysics and neutrino absorption. I will discuss how physical mechanisms of rapid rotation and strong magnetic fields of a PNS may independently affect wind dynamics and how these effects may change r-process viability.

For more information, please contact JoAnn Boyd by phone at 626-395-4280 or by email at [email protected].