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Talking about Leaving Revisited: Entering an uneven playing field

Tuesday, July 21, 2020
8:00am to 9:00am
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Join us for the second of five discussions in the SEA Change Institute Series: Talking about Leaving Revisited with Heather Thiry, Timothy Weston, and Raquel Harper.

Talking about Leaving Revisited discusses findings from a five-year study that explores the extent, nature, and contributory causes of field-switching both from and among STEM majors, and what enables persistence to graduation. The book reflects on what has and has not changed in the past three decades, since publication of Talking about Leaving: Why Undergraduates Leave the Sciences. The authors of each chapter collaborate to address key questions, drawing on findings from each related study source: national and institutional data, interviews with faculty and students, structured observations and student assessments of teaching methods in STEM gateway courses. Pitched to a wide audience, engaging in style, and richly illustrated in the interviewees' own words, this book affords the most comprehensive explanatory account to date of persistence, relocation and loss in undergraduate sciences.

TALR analysts discuss the consequences for college transition and survival in the early stages of STEM majors that arise from disadvantages of social class, race, ethnicity and gender.  Most significantly, these include; under-preparation in the K-12 system, problems arising from choice of majors or career pathways, and the need to work while in college.

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Note: this online event is sponsored and offered by AAAS and Sea Change; CTLO invites Caltech colleagues to participate, but is not responsible for registration or event details. The full series of events can be found here

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