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Special Quantum Matter Seminar

Tuesday, February 28, 2023
12:00pm to 1:00pm
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West Bridge B157 (CMP Conference Room)
Spin waves meet superconductivity
Nicholas R. Poniatowski, Harvard University,

Spin triplet superconductors are among the most exotic of quantum materials, breaking both particle-number conservation and spin-rotation symmetry. As a consequence, the superfluid and spin dynamics of a triplet condensate are intertwined, and their interplay can lead to new phenomena. In this talk, I will discuss two such dynamical phenomena in triplet superconductors. First, I will discuss the microwave response of induced superconductivity in a superconductor/ferromagnet hybrid system, probed using techniques from circuit quantum electrodynamics. Second, I will discuss the electrodynamic collective response of intrinsic triplet superconductors, including their ability to host surface-localized spin wave modes and how these spin waves may be relevant to the recently discovered spin triplet states in graphene heterostructures.

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