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Special Chemical Biology Seminar

Wednesday, February 28, 2024
12:00pm to 1:00pm
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Noyes 153 (J. Holmes Sturdivant Lecture Hall)
Cracking the Lipid Code with Chemical Biology
Dr. Johannes Morstein, Postdoctoral Scholar, Cellular Molecular Pharmacology, School of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco,
  • Internal Event

Lipids are metabolites with enormous structural and functional diversity. In biological systems, they function as sources of energy, form physical barriers, and orchestrate cellular signaling and trafficking in manifold ways. Because of the large number of lipids, complex metabolic networks, small size, and physicochemical properties, the elucidation of their biological functions has been challenging. I will present on chemical biology approaches that address some of these challenges by expanding our ability to control lipid function with high spatiotemporal precision, to target membrane proteins including Ras, Rho, and Rab GTPases, and to modulate protein-membrane interfaces with novel pharmacology. 

For more information, please contact Annette Luymes by phone at x6016 or by email at [email protected].