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Relate: Fueling Healthy "Chemistry" for Relationships in your Life

Thursday, October 10, 2019
12:00pm to 1:00pm
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The Caltech & STEM community are invited to a NEW monthly space for discussion and skill-building for those who are exploring their various identities within the contexts of being in married/partnered and/or parenting relationships.

Come join us to talk about all facets of parenting- from communicating with your children, working while parenting, navigating partnerships in parenting, and a whole lot more!
Share your own experiences and let's discuss how we
navigate our roles and responsibilities as parents!

Moderated by:
Dr. Jennifer Howes,
Jennifer Howes is a clinical psychologist and the Executive Director of Student Wellness Services. She has two children (ages 8 and 11), and continues to learn, on a daily basis, how to balance work and family in this demanding environment.

Olivia Harper Wilkins
Olivia Harper Wilkins is a fourth-year graduate student in chemistry pursuing astrochemistry research, as well as an artist who enjoys using her creativity to communicate science. Olivia has been a parent throughout the entirety of grad school after having her son, who is now three years old, while on a pre-doctoral fellowship in Germany.

Dr. Hanna Song
Hanna finished her dissertation while caring for a newborn and being pregnant with twins! Navigating a full-time life as a professional while raising children has not been easy. She also has experienced parenting through a divorce, single-parenting, and navigating a non-traditional family structure.

For more information, please contact Hanna Song by email at [email protected].