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Professional Development Strategies for Future STEM Faculty: A Conversation with Andrew Feig

Thursday, June 27, 2019
11:45am to 1:15pm
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The Undergraduate Research Mentoring Series, a collaboration between Student-Faculty Programs and the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Outreach, is a set of eight summer workshops designed to support your mentoring efforts. Workshops are held from 12:00 to 1:15 pm; lunch will be provided with RSVP starting at 11:45 am.

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Special Guest Workshop

Professional Development Strategies for Future STEM Faculty: A Conversation with Andrew Feig

The important work of STEM faculty today occurs in a broad array of institutions—research-intensive and teaching-focused; public and private; large and small. It involves not only research, but also teaching, mentoring (both graduate and undergraduate students), managing, and more. As graduate students and postdocs, what strategies can help ensure that you get the professional development you need? What should you look for at your institution now, at disciplinary conferences and meetings, and in future settings? What opportunities are most helpful, and how can you connect with communities that will support you, and that you can contribute to in turn?

Join Dr. Andrew Feig—who is on campus to lead a three-day workshop for new faculty in chemistry from around the country—for a lively conversation on these topics, along with other questions you would like to ask.


Feig is Program Director at the Research Corporation for Science Advancement—a foundation that catalyzes innovative scientific research and the development of academic scientists, such as through the Cottrell Scholars program, Scialog (an innovative suite of efforts that accelerate the work of 21st-century transformational science), and other partnerships and awards. Previously, Feig was Professor of Chemistry at Wayne State University and co-founded the Cottrell Scholars Collaborative New Faculty Workshop with the American Chemical Society (which is being hosted at Caltech this year). He received his bachelor's degree in chemistry from Yale University and his Ph.D. in chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Over the years, he has received numerous awards including: Westinghouse Science Talent Search Scholarship (1986), WSU President's Award for Excellence in Teaching (2014), and Michigan Professor of the Year (2015). He received the RNA Society's Lifetime Service Award (2017) for his work as the Society's CFO and is a Fellow of the American Chemical Society (2018). He currently serves as an editor for The Biophysicist, a biophysics education journal launched in 2019 by the Biophysical Society.

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