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Professional Development Series: Tech Talks

Interested in developing your skills as a leader and communicator? Stephen Green and Armeen Taeb will discuss their experiences with Toastmasters clubs at Caltech and the upcoming launch of a new club, Tech Talks, with a focus on developing professional communication and leadership skills for the academic research and private sector job markets.

Toastmasters International is the largest and most successful organization of its kind, and there are thousands of Toastmasters clubs worldwide, forming a large professional network of skilled communicators. Each Toastmasters club is a safe, supportive environment where you practice a variety of skills, including technical presentation, impromptu speaking, chalk talks, negotiation, project management, time management, managing morale, managing public relations, and much more. Each club can provide a self-paced and customized experience, targeting the skills you need the most.

Whether you intend to work in academic research or the private sector, Tech Talks can help you speak and present your ideas with greater confidence, clarity, and impact. Come to this meeting to learn more about the kinds of skills you can develop, and about the upcoming club launch at Caltech.

For more information, please contact Ezgi Kunttas by email at [email protected].