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Physics Research Conference

Thursday, November 15, 2018
4:00pm to 5:00pm
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East Bridge 201 (Richard P. Feynman Lecture Hall)
Let There be Light: unlocking the secrets of the Universe with neutrinos
Gabriel Orebi Gann, Assistant Professor, UC Berkeley,
Neutrinos are some of the most fascinating particles that occur in nature. At least a billion times lighter than the proton, the neutrino was once thought to be massless and to travel at the speed of light. The Nobel-Prize winning discovery of neutrino oscillations told us that neutrinos have non-zero mass, which opens up the unique possibility of the neutrino being its own antiparticle, known as a Majorana fermion. This property could help explain the dominance of matter in our Universe. This talk will present new results of precision analyses and rare-event searches from the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory and from its successor experiment, SNO+, that help to define the limiting backgrounds for next-generation searches for Majorana neutrinos, and for dark matter. We will then discuss technological advances that could enable a new kind of large-scale neutrino experiment, with unprecedented physics reach.
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