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Number Theory Seminar

Thursday, October 24, 2019
4:00pm to 6:00pm
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Linde Hall 387
Reduced Whitehead groups of algebras over p-adic curves
Nivedita Bhaskhar, Department of Mathematics, USC,

Any central simple algebra A over a field K is a form of a matrix algebra. Further A/K comes equipped with a reduced norm map which is obtained by twisting the determinant function. Every element in the commutator subgroup [A*, A*] has reduced norm 1 and hence lies in SL_1(A), the group of reduced norm one elements of A. Whether the reverse inclusion holds was formulated as a question in 1943 by Tannaka and Artin in terms of the triviality of the reduced Whitehead group SK_1(A) := SL_1(A)/[A*,A*].

Platonov negatively settled the Tannaka-Artin question by giving a counter example over a cohomological dimension (cd) 4 base field. In the same paper however, the triviality of SK_1(A) was shown for all algebras over cd at most 2 fields. In this talk, we investigate the situation for l-torsion algebras over a class of cd 3 fields of some arithmetic flavour, namely function fields of p-adic curves where l is any prime not equal to p. We partially answer a question of Suslin by proving the triviality of the reduced Whitehead group for these algebras. The proof relies on the techniques of patching as developed by Harbater-Hartmann-Krashen and exploits the arithmetic of these fields.

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