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Medical Engineering Distinguished Seminar Series, Professor Yu Sun

The capability of manipulating micro and nanometer-sized objects, such as cells and nanomaterials opens new frontiers in robotic surgery, disease diagnostics, industrial applications and enables new discoveries in many disciplines such as biology, medicine, and materials science. The field of micro-nanorobotics involves the design and construction of robotic agents that are micro-nanometer sized and robotic manipulation of objects with dimensions in the micrometer and nanometer ranges. The past decades have witnessed spurred development of micro-nanorobotic systems and technologies with common hallmarks of precision instrumentation, sensing, actuation, and control. This talk will begin with a brief review of the evolution of the robotic micromanipulation field, followed by an overview of challenges, opportunities, and recent advances made in this field. Examples of robotic cell manipulation systems for clinical surgery and drug screen will be given; sub-micrometer position control and sub-nanoNewton force control for realizing 3D intracellular and intra-tissue manipulation and measurement will be introduced; and mechanical nanosurgery of chemoresistant tumors will be discussed.

Hosted by Wei Gao

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