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Mathematics Colloquium

Tuesday, March 8, 2016
4:00pm to 5:00pm
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East Bridge 201 (Richard P. Feynman Lecture Hall)
Towards homological mirror symmetry for hypersurfaces in toric varieties
Denis Auroux, Professor, Mathematics, UC Berkeley,

We will discuss some recent (and not-so-recent) progress on a program to establish Kontsevich's homological mirror symmetry conjectures for hypersurfaces in (C*)^N and, by extension, in toric varieties. We will first review a geometric construction of mirrors of these hypersurfaces, which turn out to be toric Landau-Ginzburg models.

In this limited setting, we define a fiberwise wrapped Fukaya category of the Landau-Ginzburg model and show (by constructing a mirror to the structure sheaf, or of other line bundles) that the derived category of the hypersurface embeds into it. This is joint work in progress with Mohammed Abouzaid.

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