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Watson Lecture - Sugars: The Underappreciated Building Blocks of Life

Wednesday, May 29, 2019
8:00pm to 9:30pm
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Beckman Auditorium
Linda C. Hsieh-Wilson, Arthur and Marian Hanisch Memorial Professor of Chemistry, Caltech,
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Sugars, also called glycans, are one of the four major classes of macromolecules that make up living systems (along with proteins, nucleic acids, and lipids). Glycans assemble into complex structures on the surfaces of cells, forming a thick, fuzzy coating that surrounds cells and modulates the ability of cells to communicate (with other cells). In her lecture, Linda Hsieh- Wilson will describe the development of new tools to help researchers uncover the roles of glycans in the brain, including their participation in neurological and psychiatric disorders such as Alzheimer's and autism.

This event is free; no tickets or reservations are required. A minimum of 700 seats will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, beginning at 7:30 p.m. Reserved section tickets are available to members of The Friends of Beckman Auditorium and the Caltech Associates, and to Caltech alumni.

About the Speaker

Linda C. Hsieh-Wilson is the Arthur and Marian Hanisch Memorial Professor of Chemistry at Caltech in the Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. Learn more about her in this profile from Caltech's campaign website.

About the Series

Since 1922, The Earnest C. Watson Lecture Series has has brought Caltech's most innovative scientific research to the public. The series is named for Earnest C. Watson, a professor of physics at Caltech from 1919 until 1959. Spotlighting a small selection of the pioneering research Caltech's faculty is currently conducting, the Watson Lectures are geared toward a general audience, as part of the Institute's ongoing commitment to benefiting the local community through education and outreach. Through a gift from the estate of Richard C. Biedebach, the lecture series is able to highlight an assistant professor's research each season.

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Admission is free; no tickets required.