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LIGO Seminar

Thursday, May 26, 2022
1:00pm to 2:00pm
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Multi-messenger Astronomy and Low Latency PE in O4
Vinaya Valsan,

Speaker: Vinaya Valsan

Multi-messenger Astronomy and Low Latency PE in O4

Since the first detection of Gravitational waves in 2015, LIGO has detected around 90 compact binary coalescences. Among these, there are around eight candidates with a confirmed neutron star component or an undetermined component with a significant likelihood of being a neutron star or a black hole. An immediate electromagnetic follow-up of such triggers is necessary for efficient multimessenger astronomy. In LIGO's third observing run, after the low latency response, an updated skymap and source classification of any triggers come after a day of detection. This is because, after the low latency, we relied on a full parameter estimation by LALInference for updating trigger parameters. In this talk, I explain how we can use a rapid parameter estimation scheme to produce reliable results within minutes to produce intermediate skymap and source classification for efficient electromagnetic follow-ups.

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