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LIGO Seminar

Tuesday, March 8, 2016
1:00pm to 2:00pm
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West Bridge 351 (LIGO Science Conference Room)
Quantum Limits in Interferometers.
Belinda , Pang, Tapir, Caltech,

An important task the remains after the first detection is to improve
detector sensitivity. This requires a deep understanding of the
fundamental limits to noise, and possibly a different perspective on
what it means to be a good detector. The first part of this talk will
go over some of the basic tools used in analyzing quantum limited
noise, and present recent work by Haixing Miao, Yiqiu Ma and their
collaborators on the fundamental quantum limit, or the Quantum Cramer
Rao Bound (q-CRB). The second part of this talk will demonstrate how
this bound can be used to view the optimal detector as an optimal
emitter of gravitational waves, and how one can achieve q-CRB by
maximizing amplitude fluctuations of the optical fields inside the


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