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Learn about SOLIDWORKS and 3D Experience Platform


Dave Alpert, GoEngineer Academic and Research Account Manager
Johnny Kim, SOLIDWORKS Education Territory Manager
Ryan Koehler, SOLIDWORKS Education Territory Manager


  • SOLIDWORKS Education Campus Wide license (non-funded projects)
Network, Student download, certification exam vouchers, MySolidWorks online tutorials2018-2019 (available now)2019-2020 (available June 2019)
  • SOLIDWORKS 2019 Academic Research
Funded projects (non-watermarked)
  • 3D Experience Platform
Cloud-based Dassault software

Please RSVP to: Dave Alpert, [email protected], 760.473.3024

For more information, please contact Dave Alpert by phone at 760.473.3024 or by email at [email protected].