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John Gorka

Saturday, March 3, 2018
8:00pm to 10:00pm
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The Pasadena Folk Music Society is very proud to present the extraordinary songwriter and singer, John Gorka. They've been working on getting him here for the last two to three years, and finally schedules match! John performed in their series early in his career, showing his talent with songs like Branching Out and over the years he has built a very impressive body of songs that makes this a must-see show.

Originally from New Jersey, John now lives in Minnesota, and unfortunately he doesn't get to Southern California very often. He can be a very funny guy, almost goofy at times, but when he sings, his deep, resonant voice makes you want to listen closely, and he has a lot to say. Listen to Let Them In, based on a poem that was sent to him that he put to music. He generally mixes in a few songs by other songwriters, and maybe a cover or two of a familiar song, but it is his original songs that really stand out. He crafts his songs extremely well, covering a wide variety of subjects, based on people he has met and things he has seen. Some are fun and humorous, others have social commentary or tell emotional tales. He moves easily through many genres, sometimes even mixing them.

John is a great listener and observer of the world and he describes it all so well. On top of that he is a very fine guitarist, and his fingerpicking adds a great deal to the songs.

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