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INQNET Seminar

Monday, May 9, 2022
12:30pm to 1:30pm
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Enhancing Entanglement Percolation
Yanxuan (Charlotte) Shao, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Northwestern University,


A central goal in quantum network science is to create protocols for quantum communication using entangled qubits. Maximally entangled states are the most desirable for efficient performance of the network. Thus, a key step in many protocols is precisely the creation of such states from non-maximally entangled ones. This step can often be reduced to a percolation problem. In this presentation, we will discuss protocols based on previously unexplored percolation processes that can help reduce the entanglement resources required to establish useful maximally entangled network states. These protocols can accelerate entanglement percolation and are shown to approach optimal performance using only local information.

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INQNET (INtelligent Quantum NEtworks & Technologies, is a research program that aims to bring together academia, national laboratories, and industry to advance quantum science and technology and address relevant fundamental questions in physics.

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