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INQNET Seminar

Monday, January 10, 2022
12:00pm to 1:00pm
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Photonic resource state generation from a minimal number of quantum emitters
Bikun Li, Physics, Virginia Tech,


Multi-photon entangled graph states are a fundamental resource in quantum communication networks, distributed quantum computing, and sensing. Although the most common way of preparing these states is probabilistic and consequently inefficient, in principle they can also be created deterministically from quantum emitters. However, finding efficient schemes to produce such states has been a long-standing challenge. Here we present an algorithm that, given a desired multi-photon graph state, determines the minimum number of quantum emitters and precise operation sequences that can produce it. The algorithm itself and the resulting operation sequence both scale modestly with the size of the photonic graph state, allowing one to obtain efficient schemes to generate graph states containing hundreds or thousands of photons.

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INQNET (INtelligent Quantum NEtworks & Technologies, is a research program that aims to bring together academia, national laboratories, and industry to advance quantum science and technology and address relevant fundamental questions in physics.

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