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High Energy Theory Seminar

Wednesday, January 10, 2024
10:40am to 11:40am
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Online and In-Person Event
Minimax Surfaces and Covariant Holographic Entropy
Brianna Grado-White, Brandeis University,

Entanglement entropy plays a key role in our understanding of bulk emergence in AdS/CFT. In this talk, I will review a reformulation from Headrick and Hubeny of the HRT formula for covariant holographic entanglement entropy, known as minimax. In certain configurations, this minimax reformulation can lead to a decomposition in the bulk that gives rise to a graph model of a time-dependent bulk. This, in turn, may yield insights into building a covariant entropy cone and tensor networks. 

The talk is in 469 Lauritsen.

Contact [email protected] for Zoom information.