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High Energy Theory Seminar

Wednesday, October 18, 2023
10:40am to 11:40am
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Online and In-Person Event
Integer modes and Bulk w_(1+infinity) symmetry
Noah Miller, Harvard University,

One of the interesting correspondences in the bulk-to-boundary dictionary of celestial holography is the map between large gauge symmetry in the 3+1d bulk and conserved currents on the 2+0d boundary. In particular, these conserved currents transform with integer conformal dimension Δ ∈ ℤ.
In this talk (see we prove the completeness of these modes and their descendants (and their shadow pairs) for the massless scalar by reconstructing the positive frequency Wightman function as a sum of these modes. Interestingly, this proof utilizes a novel CFT-like inner product called the RSW inner product.
We then discuss how in 3+1d self dual gravity, these integer modes can be used to construct a bulk symmetry which has the algebra of the (loop algebra of) w_(1+infinity). In self dual theories, we will find that there is essentially a complete correspondence between radiative modes and "gauge transformations," once interpreted appropriately. Indeed, w_(1+infinity) symmetry provides a rich example where an infinite number of infinite dimensional bulk symmetries were "found" using celestial holography.

The talk is in 469 Lauritsen Laboratory.

Contact [email protected] for Zoom information.