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High Energy Physics Seminar

Monday, April 18, 2016
4:00pm to 5:00pm
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Lauritsen 469
Deep Underground Xenon Observatory in China: the PandaX Experiment
Jianglai Liu, Shanghai Jiao Tong University,

The particle physics nature of the dark matter and whether neutrinos are their own antiparticles are both among the top unknowns in physics, linking new physics to the formation and evolution of the universe. Particle and Astrophysical Xenon (PandaX) experiment is a series of experiments in the China Jin-Ping Underground Laboratory (CJPL), using xenon as the target and detector to search for the dark matter particles as well as the neutrinoless double beta decay in $^{136}$Xe isotope. The project follows a staged plan, with the first and second stages (PandaX-I and II) focusing on the dark matter detection. The PandaX-II experiment with a 500 kg liquid xenon target recently completed the commissioning run. In this talk, after a brief introduction, I shall discuss the dark matter search results from the commissioning run of PandaX-II. I will also introduce the physics goals and plans for the future.

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