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H.B. Keller Colloquium

Monday, January 29, 2024
4:00pm to 5:00pm
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Annenberg 105
Nonlocal approximation of optimal transport and diffusion
Katy Craig, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of California, Santa Barbara,

Given a desired target distribution and an initial guess of its samples, what is the best way to evolve the locations of the samples so that they accurately represent the desired distribution? A classical solution to this problem is to evolve the samples according to Langevin dynamics, a stochastic particle method for the Fokker-Planck equation. In today's talk, I will contrast this classical approach with two novel deterministic approaches based on nonlocal particle methods: (1) a nonlocal approximation of dynamic optimal transport, with state and control constraints, and (2) a nonlocal approximation of general nonlinear diffusion equations. I will present recent work analyzing the convergence properties of each method, alongside numerical examples illustrating their behavior in practice. This is based on joint works with Karthik Elamvazhuthi, Matt Haberland, Matt Jacobs, Harlin Lee, and Olga Turanova.

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