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EE Devices Seminar- Jelena Notaros, MIT

Tuesday, March 5, 2024
3:00pm to 4:00pm
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Moore B270
Silicon Photonics for LiDAR, Augmented Reality, Biophotonics, Quantum Engineering, and Beyond

By enabling the integration of millions of micro-scale optical components on compact millimeter-scale computer chips, silicon photonics is positioned to enable next-generation optical technologies that facilitate revolutionary advances for numerous fields spanning science and engineering. In this talk, I will highlight our work on developing novel silicon-photonics-based platforms, devices, and systems that enable innovative solutions to high-impact problems in areas including augmented-reality displays, LiDAR sensing for autonomous vehicles, free-space optical communications, optical trapping for biophotonics, 3D printing, and trapped-ion quantum engineering.

For more information, please contact Caroline Murphy by phone at 6263-392-2084 or by email at [email protected].