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APIDA Women's Affinity Space

Asian American women occupy a paradoxical space within the context of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields, simultaneously overrepresented as Asian Americans and underrepresented as women. For Asian American female doctoral students, the complex layering and weaving of these intersections involves the constant negotiation of science, racial, and gendered identities. This space is for those who identify as Asian, Asian American, and Desi American women who are Undergrads, Grads, Staff, and Postdocs.

Please read the paper written by Dr. Athena Castro, Executive Director of the Caltech Y. She will be presenting followed by a discussion about navigating these multiple identities in the STEM field. Grab-and-Go food will be served. RSVP

For more information, please contact Diversity by email at [email protected] or visit