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Caltech Library System Workshop: "Introduction to CaltechTHESIS for Option Coordinators"

Do you work with graduate students who are working on their thesis? Did you know that electronic copies of theses must be submitted to CaltechTHESIS as part of the PhD graduation requirement? How often do you get questions about formatting, printing, or binding theses? Do you maintain web pages that include information about theses? This class is geared toward option coordinators or other Caltech staff who work with graduate students or their theses, but is open to anyone interested on campus. We will give you an overview of the CaltechTHESIS database, brief you on the steps the students need to take to deposit their thesis, and touch on intellectual property considerations and access. We will also give you tips on using the information in the database to populate your web page more effectively.


For more information, please contact Kathy Johnson by phone at 6065 or by email at [email protected] or visit