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Algebra and Geometry Seminar

Monday, January 6, 2020
4:00pm to 5:00pm
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Linde Hall 255
q-Opers, QQ-Systems and Bethe Ansatz
Peter Koroteev, Department of Mathematics, UC Berkeley,

I will show the equivalence between nondegenerate Z-twisted (G,q)-opers and solutions of generalized Bethe equations for an arbitrary simply connected complex simple Lie group G. While in the simply laced case the resulting Bethe equations are the well-known Bethe equations for XXZ model, the non-simply laced cases feature different version of such equations which do not fit known XXZ models.

Our results bring together several approaches to the q-deformed version of opers, namely older works on q-difference version Drinfeld-Sokolov reduction, paper by Mukhin and Varchenko on difference Miura opers and the recent approach of the speaker together with Sage and Zeitlin.

For more information, please contact Math Department by phone at 626-395-4335 or by email at [email protected].