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AI Bootcamp - Physics Informed Learning and Computation (PILC)

Monday, April 1, 2024
All Day
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Annenberg 106
  • Internal Event

Announcing the Fourth EAS AI Bootcamp: ML  Basics

In collaboration with Prof. Animashree Anandkumar 's group, dive into the fundamentals of Physics Informed Neural Networks (PINNs) and Neural Operators, learn how to integrate physical laws into machine learning models, and explore computational techniques that leverage these principles for solving complex scientific problems.

As before, this course is designed for Caltech graduate students and researchers and aims to accelerate their research productivity through the practical applications of transformers in AI.

Objective :

Bootcamp will offer a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills to help our researchers become familiar with the latest tools and trends of augmenting machine learning models with physical laws.

Topics covered:

● An overview of physics informed learning, it's importance, and its applications

● Physics-informed neural networks – introduction and theory

● Physics-informed neural networks – applications

● Physics-informed neural networks – extensions

● Deep Operator Networks

● Neural operators – introduction and theory

● Neural operators – applications

● Neural operators – extensions

Bootcamp Organizers :

● Bootcamp director Reza Sadri

● Administrative assistant: Caroline Murphy

● Instructors: Julius Berner, Robert George, Zongyi Li, Valentine Duruisseaux, Reza Sadri

● TAs: Alejandro Stefan Zavala, Sahithi Ankireddy, Jay Siri. Panteleimon Vafeidis , Depei Li

Please refer to the contents of the first bootcamp (use your

Caltech credentials to login) to see the content that you need to be familiar with (or use the slides and hands on practices there to make yourself familiar with the prerequisites) before registering.

Deadline for Registration: March 27, 2024

Please sign up here and complete the pre-screening Quiz covering Python and ML

prerequisites before the 11:59 PM Pacific Time on March 27th. Please note that your

enrollment won't be complete until you have taken the quiz and have received a

confirmation email from the bootcamp organizers.

● ( Highly recommended ) email us about yourself and your research

For more information, please contact Reza Sadri, Director by email at [email protected] or visit