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2019 Caltech / JPL / Art Center Visualization Program Final Presentations

Thursday, August 22, 2019
4:00pm to 5:30pm
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Gates-Thomas 135
  • Public Event

The program incubates visual analytics tools to drive science/engineering innovation

PI: Bethany Elmann, Rebecca Greenberger, Caltech GPS
Interactive visualization software enables research of kilometers of micro spectroscopy core samples including searching, analysis, and annotation of data with complex multi-channel/multi-mineral maps

PI: Joshua Vander Hook, Federico Rossi, JPL MOSAIC
Interactive overview of the state of autonomous robot swarm systems affords researchers high-level synthesis, cross-comparison, and analysis of the health, performance, and efficiency of individual agents and the network

FRX: PIs: Morgan Cable, Jason Rabinovich, JPL Hypervelocity:
3D visualization tool to interpret composition of sampled gas from the upper atmosphere of Venus impacted by collection speeds above hypervelocity

Hillary Mushkin, Caltech
Scott Davidoff, JPL
Maggie Hendrie, Art Center
Santiago Lombeyda, Caltech

For more information, please contact Caroline Murphy by phone at 626-395-2084 or by email at [email protected].