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  • Mojolaoluwa “Josh” Sonola
    Mojolaoluwa “Josh” Sonola
    Credit: Caltech
06/12/2017 14:20:55

A Community that Cares

Mojolaoluwa “Josh” Sonola had a choice to make: Georgia Tech or Caltech?
As the curtains were closing on his high school days, Mojolaoluwa "Josh" Sonola had a choice to make. Stay near home and go to Georgia Tech, or strike out for the West Coast and study at Caltech?

Sonola (soon to be BS '17) opted for the bold move and enrolled at Caltech, for both the change of scenery and the academic challenge. Scholarships made that move possible. At Caltech, he found a community of like-minded undergraduate scholars who encourage and motivate one another. And he put his heart into supporting his peers—including serving as president of Fleming House.

"One of the better parts of the house system is that you're surrounded by people who have gone through the exact same thing as you," says Sonola, who pursues an option in chemical engineering with a minor in computer science. "Anytime you face a struggle, odds are someone right next to you has had the same struggle."

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